Can My Roof Be Repaired?

No matter what problem your roof is experiencing, the answer is almost always yes. Whether you need new shingles or your roof has sprung a leak, an experienced contractor can make your roof look like new again. And if your roof can't be repaired, your contractor can provide you with a roof replacement estimate.

How Long Does It Take to Replace My Roof?

Again, this depends on the roofing contractor or company in question, not to mention the size of your home. On average, it can take one to two days to replace a roof. However, weather will play a significant role in the progress of your roof replacement, as rain or snow can severely delay work.

How to Choose A Good Roofer?

If you're ready to choose a good roofer, then it's important to take the time to review that roofer's customer history. Do they have a long history of satisfying their clients? Have they worked on homes like yours before? Are they a well -known name in your area? The more you dig up about your potential roofing company, the more you'll know about how they approach their projects. So, don't be afraid to ask previous clients for their opinions - it just might help you choose a good roofer!

What Other Services Do You Offer?

Yes! Check our services page to find more information on our window, gutter, siding and door services!